Slocum´s first words



Hello. My name is Slocum and I am a solitary navigator. I am the last inheritor of “Sailor Boy”, this it is the reason of my name. When my breeders decided that I should come many of you asked for me and for my brothers. It wanted to be grateful to all for the interest that you put in us.


Often the life writes the things to its way, it is not necessary to try to understand all the things that happen. In the end, if when we leave we make it alone why not when we arrive?

Who would say to my father that again his memory would be treading on the land? At the end, the big questions  you have to  solve them on your own, the big mysteries also.


My father was saying that one must never lose his memory, his origin, his root. My father had character but it was corresponding always thankfully. Because of it, in this one, my first contest in Granada, wanted to be grateful for Anne Woodcock, Serenade and Alfonso because of their interest in which my route of navigation will begin here.


Though I am a solitary navigator I know well that I am not alone, and I am grateful of living.


Terra di Siena Joshua Slocum “Slocum “