The Legend of Sailor Boy, the son of the wind.

Fate is the result of history but who writes it ? Sailors know it’s the wind.
“Before you were born I was already there” the wind told me “one should not forget their origin: I was ashore even when the way was to sail away” .
They say that while wind-driven and on time only seeds survive …
And they say the meetings are journeys to new lands ….
Sailors know what I mean .
Sailor Boy was born 19 /7/ 1990 in a litter of 6 puppies , and he was an extraordinary specimen who made a mark on the future of the breed we love.
The meaning of sailor is ” full ” , had the four pillars that make up the perfect male : his beauty , his character, his ability to work and his ability to transmit qualities , his progeny is still present in the main kennels in Europe.
Sailor boy , could have been called many things , but was called Sailor Boy , and in our personal history it was a glorious opportunity as, previously to being Terra di Siena, we were sailors.
An old proverb says ” No wind is Favourable to a sailor who does not know what port he is making for ‘
One should never give up one’s roots, or you will be unable to write your destination.
Anne Woodcock is our friend , a teacher in the world of the Golden Retrievers, the creator of the spirit and style Stanroph and for us is like the wind , always a reference source that one should never forget to navigate. If Anne says here and now, we deploy the sails.
Again the moment, the last moment of Sailor Boy, the surviving seed on the Terra di Siena, and again thanks to the wind .
On August 8, 2001 Sailor left, but the seed has returned .

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