The last birthday


Yesterday our Tommy left us, like a big boy , spent his birthday as he had promised to me , and the next day, his hips went out and no longer could stand up or walk, in addition to the pain he endured , that’s life .

Tommy , Ch . Birbante Terra di Siena ( Ch. Jackralee Casals dela Enna x Morea de Terra di Siena ) , spent 14 years sharing with us many things and he was a great Golden.

He teached us to believe in things, when he competed he became our first champion of Spain , Gibraltar and Andalusia … while in active reminded us that the opportunity is for the one who fights it , and his withdrawal was a lesson on pure dignity.

His eyes were wise and so was his presence , conveyed a great peace in his old age , seemed to make us understand the important things at all times , it is very beautiful to evolve personally with a dog, grow and develop with him.

His dedication reminds us of the vital transit and stay in our hearts , he always was grateful to the opportunity to live with us and Terra di Siena could not be understood without him …