Spanish Retrievers Club (CER) Dog Show 2014

A show can be more than just a competition. Probably a meeting place, a learning place also. A show could be frustrating if you do not win but also enriching. And it is certainly an amount of effort to be appreciated. A suitable pavilion helps, good coordination also, some judges involved with their work to help everyone to improve, a competition can have many more things to earn on it. And above all a show is a consequence not a reason of life. A show helps to those who can win it and also those who know how to lose. Because who does not know losing is someone who cannot win by losing. We return to our home, that it is the reason for the day with all its reality, and there is perhaps your Golden wondering ... madness is over,and remains faithful, young or old, healthy or sick, will be all on his own ... reminding us that the show is just a game. Liness (Stanroph Stateliness de Terra di Siena) : Exc 2 in Champion Class Bitches. Humboldt ( Pudding de Terra di Siena) : Exc in Open Class Dogs. Juliette ( Rugiada del Mattino de Terra di Siena): Exc in Open Class Bitches. Minzah ( Heart of Gold du Bois de la Rayére) : Exc in Intermediate Class Dogs. Dinamita ( Terra di Siena Rigel Dinamite) : Exc 2 in Minor Puppy Class Bitches. We have spent a great day

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