Tati (Terra di Siena Sunrise Sunrise) qualifyed for Crufts.

Santa Claus ‘s sack was full of surprises for us . This time our destination was the Boston and District Canine Society Open Show
… there Tati (Terra di Siena unrise Sunrise) had to retrieve the prized piece … qualify for Crufts .

Time ago we understood that the secret is to enjoy the trip but on this one we had a little ambition … just good wind blows for anyone who has a destiny and, frankly , Tati is beautiful , is her moment and was the target was to qualify.

We have also learned to ask for help. Actually, in competition is important to know the environment and the rithm of each place ,
and received another gift again, the generous and warm collaboration of our friend Hillary Male ( http://www.malenbrook.co.uk/ )
she was splendid in handling Tati.

We, as fools , thought that entry would perhaps somehow be reduced by recent severe flooding problems in UK … 245 participants! And it must finish in the top three of its category difficult … very difficult.

But Tati behaved like a star in the hands of Hillary … and placed second in the three classes chose … more gifts.

This spectacular result , make us having the Stud Book Number , or what is the same … the qualification of Tati for Crufts Lifetime … more gifts.

Sometimes when show finishes is a little mental letdown after so many emotions but we had to be grateful to Hillary , who offered their hospitality and made us feel right at home … what a beautiful day in the countryside enjoy with her dogs !! Have not I told ? More gifts !!!

There are many, I think we can be happy and cheers to 2016 !